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Combining a Schoolhouse Rock sensibility with a Black Panthers aesthetic, the PSAs available on Flrt tackle complex subjects in a simple manner. Born from web surfing, each PSA offers multiple starting points for the user to continue the research effort.

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7. E– Waste
Did you know that this magical box you are staring at contains 8 lbs of lead? Ever wonder what that does when it leeches into the ground water at your local dump? Read on.
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5. What is Design Good for Anyway?
Is it to sell stuff? Is it utilitarian? Can it change the world? We did this for Voice2: AIGA National Design Conference 2002.
6. Don't be afraid of the dark
Light pollution is ruining our view of the heavens, killing off fireflies and worst of all, it has not decreased the amount of alien abductions.
3. The Paperless Office
Do you remember how computers were going to green the modern office by cutting out paper waste? Say hello to rolling blackouts.
4. Computer Is Bad
AKA: Ouch my wrists hurt. Why weren't ergonomics an issue until the injured became white collar workers?
1. What Do the Trees Want?
A special Xmas treat. If trees have consciousness do they want to be chopped down for the holidays? By the way, the lumber industry is destroying public trust lands.
2. One Person, Two Votes
Interactive design for democracy or: "How I learned to stop worrying and love the butterfly ballot."
The Bronx keeps on making it, u r faking it.
In an attempt to circumnavigate congressional authority over the Office of Homeland Security, the Bush Administration created a graphic to explain how the office intersects with existing governmental organizations.

It persuaded congress to allow this office to only report to the White House.

Who says design doesn't matter?
A. The Bush Administration Design...
...as published by The NY Times (11.4.01 B7). The graphic features abbreviated names, meaningless usage of shape, and intentionally confusing structure: hallmarks of misleading information design. By Jay Jakub
B. Our version of the same chart...
...with identical information. We have restructured the page to indicate hierarchy and where possible we have provided full names of departments.
We love campaign finance reform. Lumpen
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